NATO Academy 2020 of North Macedonia

On November 23, 2020, Jan Cingel, the CEO and Founder of the Strategic Analysis held a lecture on “The Second War over Nagorno-Karabakh in the Context of Hybrid Warfare” during the 2nd NATO Academy and 8th NATO Student Simulation 2020 led by the Euro-Atlantic Council of the North Macedonia.

The main goal of the NATO Academy 2020 is to make a significant contribution to the integration process and to strengthen the reforms and the legal framework in the field of security and defense in the long run through educational tools, as well as creating a platform for debate and discussion.

During the lecture, Jan Cingel presented the geographical and historical genesis of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan; the role of Russia and Turkey in this war, the old versus new war tactics and strategies implied during the war and their efficiency, as well as the massive role of disinformation and propaganda in this conflict. The lecture further discussed:

  1. The Drone War
  2. Use of FTFs from Syria by Azerbaijan
  3. Disinformation, Propaganda and Online Warfare
  4. Cyber Warfare
  5. Roles of Diasporas
  6. Role of External Actors: Russia
  7. Role of External Actors: Turkey

Jan Cingel also discussed the outcomes of the war, the new status quo in the Nagorno-Karabakh, the geopolitical victory of Russia, the strengthened role of Turkey in the region of South Caucasus, as well as the conflict`s impacts on the internal politics both in Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

The 2nd NATO Academy 2020 is sponsored by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.