Building Sustainable Futures: ABL Workshops in Sachkere and Gori

From the 27th of November until the 01st of December, 2023, the team of Strategic Analysis Think Tank, in cooperation with the Populus Rei,  co-organized the series of two three-day training sessions focused on the development of agrotourism, green tourism, organic and bio-product production, local branding, regional cooperation, and cooperatives, for young farmers, representatives of regional and local self-governments, CSO and NGO representatives, local SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs. The training session focused on ABL (Administrative Boundary Line) communities.

The workshops were conducted during two trips to Georgia in two cities within the ABL communities: in Sachkhere (attended by representatives from the Oni and Chiatura districts), and in Gori (attended by representatives from the Kareli, Chasuri, Kaspi, and Dusheti districts). The three – days workshops held in Sachkere and Gori are part of the project „Building Economic Resiliency of Communities Adjacent to the Occupation Line Along Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia in Georgia“ (SAMRS/2023/GE/1/1) focuses on strengthening the economic resilience of the ABL area in Georgia by increasing local production, building accommodation capacities, and optimizing the area’s tourist potential. Slovak assistance and technical support for ecological production will enable the creation of adequate conditions for better economic resilience and sustainability of ABL communities.

The Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation generously supports these training sessions.

The Training sessions covered these topics:

  • Building Cooperatives & Social Economy: Mrs. Marcela CHRENEKOVA, Associated Professor, Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra, Slovakia
  • Green Tourism: Mrs. Ludmila ELEXOVA & Mrs. Maria URSINYOVATourism Consultants at the Development Agency of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region
  • Presentation of the FEASIBILITY STUDIES for ABL communities focused on green innovation, social entrepreneurship, and regional development: Mr. Tomas BARANEC, Research Fellow & Head of the Caucasus Programme, Strategic Analysis Think Tank
  • Production of Bio-Organic Products: Mrs. Jana VAVERCAKOVA, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board, Ekotrend Slovakia 
  • Success Stories: Mrs. Lana GHVINJILIA, Founder of Populus Rei

The most active male and female participants will have the opportunity to travel to Slovakia and deepen practical knowledge through experience in the Slovak Republic based on the developed business plans.