Defending Democracy in the Balkans: Safeguarding Information Integrity in the Digital Era

On April 2, International Fact-Checking Day, the Metamorphosis Foundation and the Anti-Disinformation for the Balkans organized a Regional Conference on the topic: “Defending Democracy in the Balkans: Safeguarding Information Integrity in the Digital Era”. The conference was attended by experts from the region and beyond who are engaged in checking facts and countering disinformation. Our President & Founder, Mr. Jan Cingel, was a panelist in the discussion called "Democracy at Risk: Elections in the Age of Disinformation”

Analysis & Articles

Višegrad: Reconciliation Efforts Amidst Far-Right Revisionism, Wartime Trauma, and Foreign Malign Influence

How has the rise of far-right organizations in the Balkans, particularly in Višegrad, influenced the process of reconciliation and the lives of returnees since the war conflicts in the former Yugoslavia?

Sino-Georgian Strategic Partnership: The Essence of the Deal, Implications on the EU Candidacy, and the State of Foreign Policy

During the visit of Georgia’s PM Irakli Gharibashvili to China in 2023, the China-Georgia bilateral relations were fostered and promoted to a strategic partnership, promoting stronger political, economic, cultural, and international cooperation. This enhanced partnership might represent another step in the Georgian shift in the foreign policy directory which could be caused by the frustration from the integration process into the Euro-Atlantic structures despite advances such as the EU granting Georgia candidacy status. On the other hand, the deepening of relations between these two countries could be just Chinese strategic calculations using a shadow over the region to build Anaklia Port.


Analysis of political dynamics in the Western Balkans in the light of current geopolitical challenges – a new strategy for the Slovak Republic

The aim of the project is to prepare an expert analytical study that will serve as a political baseline for a new approach of the Slovak Republic to the region of Western Balkans and (selected countries of) the Eastern Partnership in the context of the new geopolitical challenges and EU enlargement.

Analysis of hybrid threats in the Western Balkans: Challenges and actors with potential impact on the security of the Slovak Republic

The aim of the project is to better understand the challenge of hybrid threats in the Western Balkans region for representatives of the foreign policy and security expert community in Slovakia by analyzing the current situation, conditions, instruments, actors and relationships directly in the target region through a whole-of-society approach.

Project Cooperation: Supporting Decrease of Media Polarization in Georgia and V4 States

The project aims to mitigate deepening media polarization in support of voters’ informed decision-making in Georgia and V4 states by assessing internal and external political factors that stimulate polarization after the start of the war in Ukraine, as well as by promoting dialogue and experience exchange between media and civil society of Georgia and V4 States.

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