Development of Communities along the ABL around the Tskhinvali region with a focus on local administration and development

The team of Strategic Analysis supports MESA10 in the implementation of the project “Development of Communities along the ABL around the Tskhinvali region with a focus on local administration and development”, supported by the SlovakAid. 

The overall goal of the project is to build the capacities of local administration officials in vulnerable communities along the ABL separating the Tskhinvali region from the rest of Georgia. The project aims to encourage the more active involvement of women and young people in local administration and local democratic processes, increase capacities for regional development, green innovations, social enterprise, social agriculture for local administration, increase the capacities of local media and regional visibility, and build the resilience of communities. 

Jan Cingel, the Founder and CEO serve as one of the experts of the project. Tomas Baranec in the capacity of Research Fellow is conducting the field research in the communities, mapping their needs based on which recommendations will be built for the decisive sector. Alexandra Tothova works with MESA10 since 2018, currently serving as Project Manager. 

MESA10 is an independent think-tank focusing on social and economic policies. It was founded in 1992 and has been present on the Slovak and international scene ever since. Currently, MESA10 focuses on socio-economic research in the field of economy, structural reforms, public finances, self-government policies, education, regional development and legislation, foreign policy, international economic cooperation and development cooperation. 

The project is implemented in partnership with Kartlosi.  Kartlosi was founded in 2006 by the Georgian and Ossetian youth’s joint initiative, the organization’s representatives actively take part in the civil dialogue and negotiations with the other side of the conflict.

For more information about the project visit the project`s site: