Study: Communities on the Administrative Boundary Line: Challenges and Opportunities

Communities along the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) separating the de facto South Ossetia/Tskhinvali region from the rest of Georgia face specific challenges, that have never been mapped. This extensive report aims to present the key findings from the field research targeting these communities. What are the primary issues that local populations along the ABL face today? This is the key question this study primarily seeks to address. By identifying the most important areas for intervention, we aim to provide an answer to this query.

The report will also attempt to provide a response to the question: „HOW can the international and domestic donor community solve the concerns of local communities on the Georgian-Ossetian ABL most effectively?“ This report identified more than 50 interventions that could improve the quality of life of these communities, from areas of the local economy and SMEs, agriculture, social entrepreneurship, improved possibilities for youth and women, enhancing tourism, access to education and information, blue-green innovations, and settlement-specific interventions. In the next phase, the project team and its experts will prepare feasibility studies to help to materialize these interventions and approach the donor community.

Download the Study in PDF here: Communities on the Administrative Boundary Line

The team of Strategic Analysis supports MESA10 in the implementation of the project titled Development of Communities along the ABL around the Tskhinvali region with the focus on local administration and development (SAMRS/2021/GE/1/2), with the support of the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (SlovakAid;

The Study was conducted through extensive field research done by Tomas Baranec, who is also the main author.