Study Visit of Journalists from Moldova: Exploring Independent Media Management Experience in Slovakia

Asociatia Presei Independente (API) organized in cooperation with Strategic Analysis a study visit to Slovakia for media managers/directors of independent media outlets. During the visits, the meetings were attended by the managers, editors and other media collaborators from media outlets in the Republic of Moldova. The purpose of the visit was to study the editorial and managerial experiences of foreign newsrooms and exchange experiences and good practices in different fields. The study visit was be thematic, focused on managerial issues, strategic planning and development of media outlets. The presentations focused on practical advice, experiences, success stories and lessons learned, recommendations, innovations.

The project was supported by the U.S. Embassy in Moldova.

The program included:

  • Dinner with Andrej Matysak, Deputy Head of Foreign News at Pravda Slovakia Daily
  • Meeting with Simon Jesenak, Deputy Editor in Chief, .tyzden
  • Meeting with Tomas Prokopcak, Board Member and Head of the Digital Team at SME Creative
  • Meeting with representatives of Standard, a nationwide conservative mainstream news and media websites in Slovakia.
  • Meeting with Lukas Fila, Director of the N Press publishing house
  • Meeting with Peter Bardy, Editor in Chief of the news portal
  • Meeting with Lucia Cizova, Editor in Chief of In BA
  • Meeting with Ambassador Petr Mares, Executive Director of the International Visegrad Fund
  •  Dinner with Patrik Pokorny, Director of Trnava Live