Wrap Up Session: Increasing Awareness of the Hybrid Threats in the Western Balkans

On January 10, 2024, the team of Strategic Analysis Think Tank, in cooperation with The Euro-Atlantic Council of North Macedonia  and nine partners from the Balkan and Visegrad countries, organized the last, wrap-up meeting for the project named Increasing Awareness of the hybrid threats - Strengthening Resilience in the Western Balkans.

19th INTERNATIONAL E-SOCIETY CONFERENCE: Experiences of AI-generated Disinformation in the Western Balkans

On December 19, our President - Jan Cingel, attended an International E-Society Conference - Artificial Intelligence & Human Rights: Finding the Right Balance Between Innovation & Responsibility, which was held in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Geopolitical Challenges and Perspectives: New Strategy for the Approach of the Slovak Republic

On December 13, our Strategic Analysis Think Tank team organized a roundtable discussion, where we presented two analytical studies on the strategic and security focus of the foreign and security policy of the Slovak Republic in the Western Balkans region and Eastern partnership countries. 

Building Sustainable Futures: ABL Workshops in Sachkere and Gori

From the 27th of November until the 01st of December, 2023, the team of Strategic Analysis Think Tank, in cooperation with the Populus Rei,  co-organized the series of two three-day training sessions focused on the development of agrotourism, green tourism, organic and bio-product production, local branding, regional cooperation, and cooperatives, for young farmers, representatives of regional and local self-governments, CSO and NGO representatives, local SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs. The training session focused on ABL (Administrative Boundary Line) communities.

Feasibility Studies: Empowering Communities in the conflict-affected areas of Georgia adjacent to break-away regions of Tskhinvali

The Feasibility Study Reports, hold the potential to serve as a valuable resource for practical investment projects to empower ABL communities. These reports cover a range of pivotal topics, including regional development, social entrepreneurship, social agriculture, and green innovations, all within the context of local administration.