Analysis of Hybrid Threats in the Western Balkans Region – Implications for Slovakia


Strategic Analysis Think Tank with the financial support of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic started a project called „Analysis of Hybrid Threats in the Western Balkans Region – Implications for Slovakia“

The aim of the project is to better understand the challenge of hybrid threats in the Western Balkans region for representatives of the foreign policy and security expert community in Slovakia by analyzing the current situation, conditions, instruments, actors and relationships directly in the target region through a whole-of-society approach.

The project will complement current existing studies on hybrid threats, which are published by organizations and experts in Slovakia by adding the dimension of a direct perspective from the region through the involvement of experts with a long-standing interest in hybrid threats directly from the Western Balkan region through semi-structured interviews. In addition, as part of its deliverables, the project will also provide an analysis of the hybrid threat risks that originate from the region, complemented by a hybrid threat risk analysis of selected external actors (so-called third countries) that influence events in the region.

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