Empowering the ABL Communities: Tbilisi Advocacy Event Showcasing Feasibility Studies

On November 26, 2023, a team of Strategic Analysis Think Tank, in cooperation with the Information Center on NATO and the EU, Georgia organized an Advocacy event to promote Feasibility studies for the ABL Communities. 

Feasibility Study Reports hold the potential to serve as a valuable resource for practical investment projects to empower ABL communities. These reports cover a range of pivotal topics, including regional development, social entrepreneurship, social agriculture, and green innovations, all within the context of local administration. 

This project is generously supported by the International Visegrad Fund. You can find more information about the project by visiting our webpage

Our ultimate goal is to provide ready-to-implement smaller-scale project proposals to the international donor and business community, thereby addressing the challenges faced by the ABL (Administrative Boundary Line) communities in Georgia. These projects encompass a diverse spectrum, from soft initiatives to technical and infrastructural endeavors.

You can find the Feasibility Study Report here.