The Administrative Boundary Line Communities: increasing the knowledge of their specific challenges

On November 17, 2022, MESA 10 in cooperation with Strategic Analysis & Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi, organized an Advocacy event, which was dedicated to ABL communities and their specific needs.

Challenges hindering the development of communities on the “administrative boundary line” (ABL) often differ from those in other parts of target regions. These municipalities, through which pass the ABL face a number of challenges, among many of those of economic nature.

Yet, there is a long-standing lack of analysis and studies focused specifically on these communities, which hinders both the effective decision-making of local and central governments as well as the effective design and implementation of projects in these regions.

The aim of the Advocacy event in Tbilisi was to present the results of the project to the professional public, representatives of key state institutions, and the donor community in Tbilisi.

The event also aimed at increasing the visibility of the V4 and International Visegrad Fund as relevant donors in Georgia.