WEBINAR: Impact of the Parliamentary Elections in Serbia

On January 25, 2024, Strategic Analysis organized the first online webinar this year with our Young Leaders‘ Programme members. The discussion focused on the impact of the parliamentary elections in Serbia, held on December 17, 2023.

The outcome of Serbia’s recent parliamentary elections has stirred controversy and division as President Aleksandar Vucic secures a commanding 47% of the vote, amid allegations of voter intimidation and corruption by the opposition.

The early indications from official tallies have strengthened the ruling Serbian Progressive Party’s (SNS) claim of a resounding triumph, potentially securing around 130 seats in the 250-member assembly, granting them unilateral governance authority.

The clash between President Vucic’s SNS and a centrist coalition has underscored a broader struggle for power, particularly in Belgrade, where the opposition hoped to weaken Vucic’s grip on authority. Despite assertions of victory from Vucic, the opposition vehemently rejects the electoral outcomes, citing vote manipulation and vowing to contest the results through legal channels. Amidst the contentious aftermath, uncertainty looms over Belgrade’s political landscape, with the opposition denouncing the electoral process and demanding a fresh ballot to uphold democratic integrity.

As Serbia navigates through the aftermath of the elections, questions persist over the legitimacy of the results and the future of democratic governance in the country.